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We’d like to think we’re  bulletproof,  but we’re not...

Sure, you’re going about your everyday business, and life seems to be passing by quite smoothly. However, because there are no guarantees things won’t go terribly wrong (like if you end up not being able to work for a while), it’s wise to expect the unexpected and cover your bases. What would happen if you found yourself laid-up and unable to work for months … or longer?  It can quickly lead to a significant loss in your income ... not to mention a loss of clients. With the affordable Income Partner   plan, you’ll have the regular monthly income to step in financially while you’re getting back on your feet.  Join the 89+ million working Americans who already have disability insurance!




After four decades of providing quality insurance coverage to lawyers, we’re more convinced than ever that, while

 AFFORDABLE  PREMIUMS LIKE OURS  are clearly important, they’re simply no substitute for having an experienced team of advocates supporting you - who know you by name, stay connected with you regularly, monitor your changing needs and, most importantly, provide you with personalized service any time you need it.


Disability Insurance – the  Right  and  Wrong  Questions

When buying disability insurance, we discourage over-focusing on “What are the chances that something bad is going to happen to me?” Instead, we encourage our clients to view disability coverage from a very practical standpoint. If you’re in a financial position to absorb a loss of income for several months - or years - then, as a practical matter, disability coverage may not make economic sense for you. On the other hand, if you’re not in a position to draw substantial funds from your other financial resources, such as savings and investments, then a simple, high-quality affordable disability plan makes a lot of sense -- and will make exponentially more sense if it becomes your income, due to you not being able to work because of an accident or sickness. Be savvy about protecting your income and everything it makes possible.

Fast,  Convenient, 

Affordable, Secure and Easy.

We understand the critical importance of your time, so we’ve made applying FAST, CONVENIENT, SECURE and EASY!


Everything we do is designed to make sure our clients spend the LEAST amount of time on matters related to their coverage with us - so they can focus on building their practice!


Our online application only takes about

4 minutes to complete.


 What Do You Get?  Here are  7  Good Reasons  to have the Income Partner  plan.


  1. BOTH Sickness AND Accidental Injury are COVERED

  2. Occupation-Specific Benefit INCLUDED

  3. Benefits Paid to Age 65

  4. Partial Disability Benefits INCLUDED

  5. Rehabilitation Benefits INCLUDED

  6. Affordable premiums

  7. 4-minute online application!


You’ll  Love  Our People! 

 Long-Term  Mindset

Start  Smart 

Our staff is composed of experienced, licensed insurance advocates who provide intelligent, empathetic service to our clients.  We’re confident you’ll find our service refreshingly unique in a very positive way.

We build long-term relationships with our clients.  We are not a ‘buy and goodbye’ quota-driven company.  We invest in our relationships so our clients can put 100% of their trust in us …
for a very long time.

Nothing is worse than having NO disability insurance - which is why we’ve made it so easy and affordable to get started!  Apply online, or connect with one of our trusted advisors to work with
you personally!


Have the confidence knowing your Income Partner   coverage is backed by New York Life Insurance Company - providing insurance products since 1845 and Attorneys Group Insurance Trust, exclusively serving attorneys nationwide since 1972.

Because trust matters most.



You’ll be backed by 

 New York Life,  known for its financial strength. 



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 today  for coverage.

You are not invincible, but you can

have peace of mind knowing you took

steps to Insure to Ensure! Click below to complete your 4-minute application for our fast, easy, and affordable disability insurance solution.